Core values

The ACF Europe exists to promote best practice amongst its membership in the areas of outplacement services, coaching, and related activities.


ACF Europe meets the interests and needs of professional organisations operating in the fields of outplacement, coaching, and related activities. It is an active platform for both potential client companies as well as individuals, seeking answers to questions they might have related to career management and coaching.


  1. Assisting potential customers in finding the best quality career firm.
  2. Contributing to social change in the areas of career management and career transition.
  3. Being the voice of the industry for the quality career firms.
  4. Supporting quality providers in a changing supply chain.
  5. Acting as a lobbying body for the industry.
  6. Influencing and being present at career networks.
  7. Running customer surveys to regularly understand what is of importance for the quality of career firms.
  8. Running individual  interest surveys, both independently and partner bodies, on key topics.
  9. Promoting quality standards in the industry.
  10. Providing a strategy for promotion and referral globally.
  11. Championing and promoting the often life changing value of the industry we serve.
  12. Assisting country chapters in their PR work.

Quality standards

ACF members are committed to adhere to a code of ethics to safeguard both the organisation and the individual utilising their services.


ACF Member firms:

  • Demonstrate a significant level of experience and competence in order to be admitted and will have longevity of operation of more than two years continuous trading in Career Management and Transition.
  • Once admitted, members demonstrate standards which are monitored and maintained.
  • All Consultant Coaches will be appropriately qualified and participate in ongoing continuing professional development (CPD).



ACF Member firms:

  • Have a quality assurance policy which is regularly audited for compliance.
  • Undertake regular service evaluation and procedures for handling corporate and client complaints.
  • Have audited reports and accounts.
  • Meet regularly to exchange and develop best practice in the profession.

ACF Bylaws

ACF Member firms:

Underwrite the code of conduct and ethics and adhere to the ACF Bylaws. The ACF Bylaws are available for download in PDF format.