Board Members


In the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland members are organised in a chapter, a national association. In other countries where no chapter exists, members are informed directly via the ACF Europe Secretariat, currently located in The Netherlands.

The Association is led by a Board. Current Board members are:


  • Bev White (President), UK
  • Herbert Mühlenhoff (Treasurer and delegate German chapter BDU)
  • Steve Thompson-Martyn  (representing UK)
  • Mark Richter (delegate Swiss chapter in transition period)
  • Pascal Laurent Favre (delegate Swiss chapter)
  • Charel Jelles (cooptive to represent the Netherlands)
  • Gregory van Woonsel (delegate arbora)


  • Owen Morgan  advisor to the board
  • Stefan Hansson advisor to the board

Board members are appointed for a period of two years. In addition to that they can serve two other terms of two years at a maximum. They can be appointed as a Board member by their local chapter or, from those countries where no chapter exists, by making an appropriate application to the board. If you want to contact the Board members, click here to go to the contact form.