ACF International

The Association of Career Firms International exists to promote best practice amongst its membership in the areas of outplacement services, coaching, and related activities. ACF member companies are committed to adhere to a code of ethics which are designed to safeguard both the organisation and the individual utilising their services. Members also subscribe to the ACF’s Quality Standards for Outplacement and Career Coaching. The Association provides a platform for both potential client companies as well as individuals seeking help and direction in developing their career or their organisation.

Our members are proud of their track record in assisting many organisations and individuals to deal successfully and effectively with transition and change. They have a wealth of specialised knowledge and experience and they aim to enable individuals to realise their own potential and discover how to find fulfillment in their working lives.

The ACF provides a forum for members to share ideas and knowledge which benefit their clients and contribute to building and enhancing the reputation and quality of the career management industry across the world.

Please visit the websites of the two active ACF International Chapters:

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Herbert Mühlenhoff
President ACF International