ACF Charter

ACF Europe
Introduction to who we are

The Association of Career Firms (ACF) work is focused on three main areas:

    Providing information to its members about developments in the industry and to promote quality.
    Promoting the services of the Outplacement industry as best practice when restructuring.
    Work to influence policy on outplacement and employment related issues.

ACF Membership embraces organisations who focus on helping individuals make an informed next career move, not just get a new job.

Career Management and Transition comprises a range of services, which are designed to help organisations and their employees deal effectively with change so as to minimise the adverse effects of such change and to benefit from the new opportunities that are created.

ACF members offer a range of supportive services including group and individual outplacement, change management, executive coaching, mentoring, assessment, development and career counselling related to employment and employability consulting.

All member firms adhere to all of the following:

ACF Member firms:

  • Demonstrate a significant level of experience and competence in order to be admitted and will have longevity of operation of more than two years continuous trading in Career Management and Transition.
  • Once admitted, members demonstrate standards which are monitored and maintained.
  • All Consultant Coaches will be appropriately qualified and participate in ongoing continuing professional development (CPD).

ACF Member firms:

  • Have a quality assurance policy which is regularly audited for compliance.
  • Undertake regular service evaluation and procedures for handling corporate and client complaints.
  • Have audited reports and accounts.
  • Meet regularly to exchange and develop best practice in the profession.

What we do:

  • Offer a full range of career guidance including 1:1 coaching, workshops, online and virtual services.
  • Have robust processes and methodologies that encompass all aspects of Career Management and Transition.
  • Are specialists with Career Management and Transition representing a core or distinct part of their business.
  • Provide discreet premises appropriate for Career Management and Transition.
  • Services are a client driven process to obtain an outcome of choice e.g. career move, self-employment, consultancy, portfolio career or active retirement.