About Us

The Association of Career Firms Europe (ACF Europe) was founded in 1996 to bring together and represent the interests of the European outplacement industry. It is a non-profit organisation representing more than 100 firms in the career management industry throughout Europe. ACF Europe has developed into an influential trade organisation with a strong link to the European Union. We are focused on achieving more awareness throughout Europe on how effective outplacement can be during transition and change.

ACF Europe meets the interests and needs of professional organisations operating in the fields of outplacement, coaching, and related activities. It is an active platform for both potential client companies as well as individuals, seeking answers to questions they might have related to career management and coaching.

The mission of ACF Europe is to:

  • strengthen the positioning of the industry in the political circles
  • assist national chapters in their PR work
  • help possible customers to find the right provider
  • develop the outplacement industry in emerging markets
  • promote quality standards in the industry

Our target is to represent companies where outplacement is a major part of their business, to extend coverage to 6 countries with local chapters and 14 countries with individual company members.

To contribute to achieving these targets ACF Europe will provide:

  • an up to date website
  • 10 newsletters per year
  • 4 webinars per year
  • 1 conference every second year

To measure the progress we will set the following targets:

  • to grow the membership by 10% per annum
  • to gain the engagement of at least 2 members without board seats in contributing to newsletters
  • to attract at least 12 participants in the webinars

Regarding the membership: The ACF Europe’s strategy is to strengthen the building of national chapters. Where national chapters exist and are members of ACF, then membership of ACF will only be available to organisations via the country chapter. The Board members of the ACF are members of local chapters and create a strong communications channel between them, ensuring that best practise is shared and that the needs of local members are understood.